About IntelliGen

IntelliGen is a leader in Distributed Generation. IntelliGen can handle your cogeneration projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

IntelliGen Power Systems has been involved with all aspects of pre-packaged onsite cogeneration products since 1988. We focus on incorporating the highest quality components to ensure reliable operation and long equipment life. Our keen focus on operations and maintenance (including remote monitoring) ensure that our systems are always available to save you money.


years of cogeneration experience


million operating hours

Highest Quality Components for Reliability

Focus on Operations and Maintenance

Why Choose IntelliGen?

Ability to Use Thermal Output
Cogeneration captures and makes available thermal energy that is the byproduct of onsite power generation. The more you can displace other thermal energy production, the more you will save. Let cogeneration reduce the amount your boilers run.

Spark Spread
Natural gas prices continue to drop while electricity prices continue to rise. This creates the perfect opportunity to save by generating power on-site. The wider the gap between the energy equivalents of natural gas and electricity (“spark spread”) the more you can save. Even as fuel rates continue to rise, your savings will continue since you are making use of thermal energy produced that you would otherwise generate on a less efficient basis.

Hours of Operation
The equipment must run in order to save you money. The more your facility can use the electrical and thermal production of the cogeneration plant the more you will save.

Efficiency of Existing Equipment
Instead of replacing an old and inefficient boiler, IntelliGen can help you install a highly efficient cogeneration unit that will make your existing boiler a backup. The less efficient your systems are the more you will save.

Complexity of Installation
Certain facilities are not easily conducive to installing a cogeneration system due to their physical layout. IntelliGen can evaluate your facility to determine the most cost effective approach to installing a cogeneration system. Our cogeneration systems can also be installed in container units on the exterior of you building, or as roof top mounted units, freeing valuable space inside your facility. IntelliGen provides standardized utility interface packages which can simplify the process of obtaining approval for interconnecting with your electrical utility. IntelliGen has extensive experience interfacing with many utilities in a variety of configurations.

We are a New York-based company that serves clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland. Our team is dedicated to serving local clients and providing quick support that larger, more distant companies cannot.

The installation of an IntelliGen CHP system can create substantial real estate value for property owners. IntelliGen understands the needs of real estate owners and can implement a project to maximize the overall benefits.

High Operating Efficiency
Recycling “waste” heat that is typically lost from conventional power generation dramatically increases operating efficiency. Onsite power generation also reduces transmission and distribution losses associated with utility-generated power.

Clean Burning Natural Gas
IntelliGen systems run on clean-burning natural gas.

Advanced Emissions Correction
IntelliGen systems incorporate advanced emissions correction.. IntelliGen meets the most stringent air quality requirements.

An IntelliGen system can reduce your Carbon Footprint by as much as 50%

IntelliGen offers a full-service operations and maintenance program designed to eliminate risk and ensure full system functionality. Our experienced maintenance crews and preventative maintenance protocols are designed to maximize system availability and equipment lifespan. In addition, a remote monitoring system ensures rapid problem recognition and response.

IntelliGen designs equipment for optimal performance and longevity. We have millions of run hours and more than 20 years of experience designing, building, installing and maintaining cogeneration systems. We employ the highest quality components to ensure system reliability and long-term performance.

IntelliGen systems are in operation across the Eastern Seaboard in office buildings, residential complexes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, factories, hotels, shopping malls, farms, and health clubs. Each system is customized to the site for optimal operational efficiency and site-specific usage.

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