IntelliGen has been involved with all aspects of pre-packaged onsite cogeneration products since 1988. IntelliGen focuses on incorporating the highest quality components to ensure reliable operation and long equipment life. IntelliGen stands behind its equipment and has a keen focus on operations and maintenance including remote monitoring.

Our Services Include:

Manufacturing & Installation

IntelliGen fully customizes all equipment to meet client needs

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Operations & Maintenance

IntelliGen stocks all parts necessary for maintenance including engine overhaul

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Energy Analysis & Project Evaluation

IntelliGen can perform an energy evaluation analysis to optimize operations

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Remote Monitoring

IntelliGen provides remote modelling to maximize performance and savings

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What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”), is the process whereby a single fuel source, such as natural gas, produces both electrical and thermal energy.  An onsite cogeneration system is more efficient than a utility operated central power plant since thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted is captured for use at the facility. The result is a much more efficient use of fuel which can generate substantial savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Conventional electrical generation by a utility central plant is about 30% efficient compared to nearly 90% for an IntelliGen cogeneration unit.

IntelliGen’s Cogeneration Efficiencies

A typical facility will purchase electricity from the utility and fuel (gas or oil) to power a boiler for hot water and heating. This process is inefficient and expensive when compared to producing electrical and thermal energy onsite with IntelliGen cogeneration equipment.

Power generated by a central power plant is generally between 25% and 35% efficient – as much as 75% of the energy is lost by the time it reaches the customer. This inefficiency flows through to the end-user as higher electricity rates.

An existing hot water heater (boiler) is typically from 50% to 80% efficient. The poor overall efficiency of separate electric and thermal energy production is bad news for the environment and for your bottom-line. IntelliGen’s cogeneration equipment solves this problem by producing electricity and thermal energy onsite in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

IntelliGen equipment provides electricity and hot water at a combined efficiency that approaches 90%

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is an environmentally-focused public benefit corporation that provides substantial incentives for the installation of IntelliGen’s cogeneration equipment. The incentives typically cover between 30% – 50% of installation costs and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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