Manufacturing & Installation

Manufacturing Cogeneration Systems

IntelliGen is a leading manufacturer of pre-packaged cogeneration systems with full manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of its customers. IntelliGen has a standardized platform of products to select from with various options. While IntelliGen has a particular focus on pre-packaging cogeneration systesm, it can also handle other custom packaging needs. IntelliGen has experience with packaging natural gas driven compressors and chillers. IntelliGen can also pre-package support systems to reduce onsite work related to a particular project.

Let IntelliGen Power Systems bring its experience and standardized platform to ensure the best possible project.

Standardized Approach

IntelliGen has developed a standardized cogeneration platform that can be refined and customized to meet the needs of a particular site. The standardized platform greatly simplifies the design process and leads to significant cost savings and improved reliability. IntelliGen also pre-packages as much equipment as possible in its factory to simplify installation and lower cost.

Fully Automated Control System

The IntelliGen control system provides fully automated operation and integration with the host facility. The onboard controls package provides full monitoring of system functions to allow for reliable unattended operation.

Highest Quality Components

IntelliGen maximizes runtime and availability by incorporating the highest quality components into its equipment. The prime mover is a heavy duty industrial reciprocating engine that is designed for highly reliable continuous operation.

Remote Monitoring

The IntelliGen control package provides full remote monitoring functionality which is part of the active ongoing maintenance program that is designed for maximum run-time availability. IntelliGen service technicians monitor system performance 24 hours per day and 7 days per week and respond quickly when needed in order to minimize downtime.

Simplified Utility Connection

IntelliGen provides standardized utility interface packages which can simplify the process of obtaining approval for interconnecting with your electrical utility. IntelliGen has extensive experience of interfacing with many utilities in a variety of configurations.

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